Feeling Tension in Your Neck and Shoulders?

Visit us for a massage in Greeley, CO

Stress can have painful, physical effects on your body. Relieve that pain with a massage at Atmospheres Salon and Spa in Greeley, Colorado. Our massage therapists will customize your massage to give you full-body relief.

Relax and detox with a therapeutic massage

When you visit our spa, you can choose between several different massage styles. These include:

  • Full-body massage / Swedish massage: Our full-body massage covers the head, face, chest, arms, legs, stomach, back and gluteal and can be customized for each client. 
  • Deep tissue massage: Our deep-tissue massage concentrates on isolated areas to help relieve muscle pain and reduce knots and tightness. 
  • Cupping: This add-on or stand-alone therapy brings circulation to tight muscles. Great for athletes and people with physical jobs or “problem” areas.
  • Raindrop therapy: This therapeutic massage uses seven different essential oils and a hot compress for a spinal and muscle detox. Raindrop therapy is a full-body massage. 
  • Hot Stone Massage: The warmth of hot stones plus a full-body massage takes your relaxation to the next level. 
Schedule an appointment with Atmospheres Salona and Spa today at 970-352-1776 to rid your body of toxins and relax your muscles from head to toe.

Nutrition Coaching for More Than Weight Loss

Nutrition for Families can be challenging, especially when one parent may be trying to watch their weight. Or, maybe you have a picky eater in the house, child or adult. Family nutrition can be simple AND healthy with the help of our in-house registered dietitian. Meal plans that are affordable, easy, and delicious make meal-time a breeze instead of a battle.

Youth Athletes require special nutrition for normal growth plus optimal performance in their sport. Each sport affects nutrition intake differently, and our RD is here to help. Nutrition recommendations customized to the individual and their sport will support healthy growth and decrease fatigue and burnout.

Acne, dry and lax skin need to be treated not just from the outside. Inflammation can worsen acne in both youth and adults. Good nutrition can improve the health of the skin and whole body.'